With the weather currently holding the UK in its icy grip, now isn’t the best of times to be considering a trip to your local recycling centre. Aside from the danger of driving there and back, there’s also the problem of loading up your car in the first place. If you’re in a more central part of London, there’s a fair chance that your road has been gritted, but if you’re a little further out, it might not be the case in the road where you live. If it hasn’t been gritted, you’re probably already painfully aware that the pavement outside your home is treacherously slippery. So, is it worth the risk or will it be easier (and perhaps quicker) to pay to have your unwanted rubbish taken away instead?

Metro Waste & Skip Hire are still operating a normal service and our office staff are on-hand to give you a quick quote. If it’s a larger load, our large capacity truck can hold up to 13.6 cubic metres of waste and are ideal for large bulky items such as white goods, furniture, wardrobes and bagged rubbish or loose bric-a-brac. If it’s a smaller load, we can take care of that too. It’s worth bearing in mind that we only charge you for the amount of rubbish we remove, so you needn’t pay for a “full load” if you’ve only got a few items to get rid of. Visit our FAQs for a more detailed run-down of our services or give us a quick ring if you have a more specific question in mind.

We’re also the ideal option if you have heavier waste that simply isn’t suitable for carrying in a car. It doesn’t take much to exceed the legal weight limit in your car and it’s not worth the risk or danger of trying to fit too much in your vehicle just to try and avoid making a second trip.

Hire a skip instead

As our regular customers already know, we also provide a fast and reliable skip hire service too so if this is more suitable for the job-at-hand, have a quick look at the different sizes available and then contact us for a price. In many cases, we can arrange a permit if your skip will be situated on a public road or help you apply for one if your local authority requires you to do this directly instead.

The changing face of recycling centres

One final point – Although each London borough has its own set of rules regarding access to its recycling centres, many people are still unaware of the constant changes being made to opening times and other general operational policies. Of course, it’s always best to check their website first but not everyone thinks of this and if it turns out that you need to book a slot first, they’ll probably turn you away at the gate if turn up unannounced. As a case in point, the Wandsworth facility in Smuggler’s Way will soon be changing the way they operate and if you’re not aware of it, you’ll come unstuck. Their website says:

“Residents are not currently required to book their car in before arriving at the Centre. But from Monday, 22nd March 2021, you must book a slot before you arrive at the Centre.”

So, why not take the hassle and confusion out of deciding to remove your rubbish yourself and let Metro Waste & Skip Hire take care of it for you instead?

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