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London Waste Management - Professional Waste Disposal

We’re London’s leading waste management company serving business, commercial and domestic clients – With full or part-load rubbish collection prices, you only pay for what we take.

Prefer To Hire A Skip Instead?

If our rubbish collection service isn’t right for you, we also offer a range of skip sizes to choose from, all at competitive prices. 

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Why Choose Our Waste Management Services?



Why pay for the cost of a full load when you don’t have to? We only charge you for the amount of waste we remove.



There are strict rubbish removal laws & we’re fully insured as well as being a licensed waste carrier with the Environment Agency.


We’ve been dealing with London’s waste for a long time. With over 25 years of experience, we must be doing something right!


There isn’t much our team don’t know about rubbish. Call for free advice today


We care about the planet we live on and currently recycle over 90% of your waste.


Strategically based in Central London, we’re ideally placed for most locations.

Thousands Of Londoners Can't Be Wrong

Metro Waste have been in business for a long time, with over a quarter of a century’s worth of experience clearing London’s waste. From small flats to large businesses, we’ve seen it all.

London's leading waste manangement and disposal company with 1000s of satisfied customers

Thousands of Satisfied London Customers

Every Londoner accumulates waste, no matter what their age or profession. It doesn’t matter if you’re a doctor or a delivery driver, there are times when your busy life is simply too full to have the time to worry about how you’re going to dispose of all that unwanted rubbish.

That’s where Metro Waste can help. We offer a range of affordable waste management and waste disposal services that can help you de-clutter (and de-stress!) your life and we have thousands of satisfied customers who have chosen us because of our competitive prices and reliable service.

Whether you have unwanted junk in the house, garage or loft, or whether you just need the garden cleared of excess waste, we’ll dispose of it all.

We can help tidy up after building or renovation work or we can clear an entire house or factory.

Whatever your needs, get in touch with Metro Waste today for a free waste management quote or get free advice from our experienced and friendly waste manangement and disposal team.

Recycling Your London Waste Is Our Business

We’re waste management experts. When we clear your waste, it doesn’t just get disposed of in landfill. The rubbish is carefully sorted to ensure that anything that can be recycled, will be.

The importance of managing and recycling more of London's waste

Let’s Recycle More Waste!

Let’s face it, we live in a disposable world. Nowadays, most of the food we buy comes in throwaway wrapping and the items we buy for our homes or businesses typical comes with a huge amount of excess packaging.

Today’s Londoners are more keenly aware than ever before that this trend can’t continue indefinitely.

You’ll be glad to know that collecting and recycling your rubbish is at the core of our philosophy. All of London’s waste that we collect is sorted into its relevant category (paper, wood, plastic etc.) and sent off for recycling. Whilst it’s inevitable that some items simply can’t be recycled and are destined to go to landfill, we’re still able to recycle around 90% of all the rubbish and unwanted waste we collect.

Your Questions Answered

How big are your rubbish collection trucks?

Our distinctive green waste removal trucks that you may have already seen around London can hold up to 13.6 cubic metres of waste and are ideal for large bulky items of junk such as white goods, furniture, wardrobes and bagged rubbish or loose bric-a-brac.

How much weight can they carry?

Our robust rubbish removal vehicles can carry up to 3 tonnes in weight, which is the equivalent of a 14-yard skip.

How much will it cost?

Our London waste disposal prices depend on how much waste you’d like cleared. We charge different prices for different amounts so you only pay for what we take. For example, an entire quarter truck-load of mixed waste will only cost you £110+VAT. Some items such as fridges and mattresses may be subject to a small, additional fee as they are more costly to recycle. Get in touch today and we’ll be happy to answer any questions or simply email us a photo of your rubbish and we’ll give you an estimate of how much it will cost.

Will I need a permit?

No, permits are not required for this service. We simply turn up, clear your waste fast and efficiently and then we’re gone!

Are you properly licensed?

Yes. We’ve been in the rubbish disposal industry for over 25 years and are a fully insured London waste management company and we’re also a licensed by the Environment Agency as a London waste carrier.

Do I need to book in advance?

You can book a day that’s convenient for you or contact us to see if we can provide a same-day waste collection service if you need your waste cleared fast. Depending on what part of London you live in, our waste manangement services may be subject to availability on a particular day.

Do I have to load the truck?

No, not if you don’t want to. Our hardworking team can take care of removing all your unwanted rubbish while you sit back and relax.

Are there any extra congestion or other London surcharges

No. we’re already based in Central London and all of our fleet are ULEZ Euro compliant, meaning there are no additional charges passed onto our customers.

What areas of London do you cover?

We cover all of South West and Central London and many parts of North, South, East and West London. You can check if we cover your specific postcode by visiting our handy postcode checker page. If your area is listed, we cover it!

Managing and Disposing of London’s Waste – Common Items Our Depot Can Accept:

  • London Builder’s rubble
  • Wooden items
  • White goods
  • Broken IT equipment
  • All metals
  • Chipboard & MDF
  • Shop fittings,flooring, units
  • Bagged & loose rubbish
  • Garden waste
  • Most household items
  • Bricks & plasterboard
  • All plastic
  • Sofas and furniture
  • Garage & loft items
  • Paper & cardboard
  • DIY debris
  • Kitchen & bathroom suites
  • Soil & clay

The Benefits of Using A Licensed London Waste Disposal Company

One of the biggest headaches as a business owner is how to dispose of your London waste in a responsible way that abides by the Environmental Protection Act of 1990. Although you’re perfectly within your rights to deal with your waste management yourself, if you’re a company that produces a lot of rubbish, you may find it a little more complex than you’d initially hoped. Failing to comply properly with these rules can lead to prosecution.

This is where a professional London waste management company comes in extremely useful. We’re experts in construction waste clearance and commercial waste disposal and cover most parts of London. We have the knowledge and resources required to ensure that all of your waste is disposed of in the most responsible way possible, and will ensure that your waste disposal habits fall within your legal obligations.

We can deal with commercial and construction waste of all kinds, which may include old mail, food scraps, cleaning products, damaged goods, sweepings, plastics, cardboard and fabrics. As licensed waste carriers, we take responsibility for the rubbish, once it’s left your London premises.

Our waste management services are also ideal for disposing of the waste left by big personal projects, such as home renovations and garden clearances.

If you’re in any doubt as to how to dispose of any material correctly, we’re readily available and are on hand to answer all your questions and give you free, friendly advice. So, don’t delay; give us a call today!

Experience Matters

We’ve been in the rubbish removal London & waste disposal business for over 25 years and our success is due to providing a reliable service, great customer support and friendly, hardworking staff.

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