OK, OK, I know; we’re always going on about recycling and what we can all do help. This post is no exception, although we thought we’d add a sprinkle of humour in today’s post instead. The picture you see here is a classic example of fun and innovative things you can do to avoid producing too much landfill waste.

When those old jeans look tired and worn out, there are a few options to consider. Sure, you can just chuck them in the nearest waste bin or if they’re in good condition, then a charity shop or clothes recycling bank are good options. However, if you want to release the budding gardener that lurks within, why not turn them into a garden plant pot instead!

Perfect for the garden

Plant pots don’t need to be made of plastic or pottery; you can use these jeans instead as a garden plant pot. If it’s summertime and you’re inviting friends or family round for a BBQ, make sure that your garden is rubbish-free first so that these will stand out for your guests to garden guests to enjoy.

Even if you’re not “keen on going green”, it’s safe to say that turning your old discarded clothes into a plant holder will definitely catch the eye of passers-by, and is a sure-fire way to compete with any floral display your neighbours may have on show – certainly when it comes to originality…. and suitable drainage won’t be an issue either.

Clothes Recycling

We mention the topic of recycling a lot, mainly due to seeing so much waste being disposed of on a daily basis that needn’t be. In all honesty, even when some of us here at Metro Waste aren’t “on the clock”, we still can’t resist having a sneaky peek in the odd skip as we’re out and about in our spare time. You never know when and where that next undiscovered Rembrandt painting might turn up!

Sadly, we see huge amounts of discarded textiles so often in the skips we hire throughout London, that it’s always great to see at least a few items being turned into novel (and practical) items.

Hopefully, this fun little post may inspire you to think twice before you toss those old denim jeans into the trash!

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