London Transport Museum Depot in Acton

Whilst our main area of business is focused on London’s Waste Management sector, we obviously need transportation vehicles to carry out our day-to-day activities. We run a fleet of different sized trucks to carry out different tasks throughout the capital and transportation is at the heart of our business. We regularly work hard delivering skips in and around Acton and also removing Acton’s waste, so thought we’d post a brief article about London’s less well-known transport museum in Acton, West London W3.

Acton's Transport Museum Depot

Photo kindly provided by Chris McKenna (Thryduulf), CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

Tourists and transportation buffs tend to gravitate towards the main museum which is situated in the heart of London’s Covent Garden. However, many day-trippers may not be aware that Acton is actually the home of the museum’s very large transport depot.

This unsung hero’s main function is to act as a working museum store where curators and volunteers catalogue and preserve of our transport heritage for future generations to enjoy.

The Museum Depot at Acton does, in fact, hold the majority of the Museum’s collections which are not housed in Covent Garden. Unlike the Central London location, it only tends to open for special events, such as themed weekends and guided tours. If you’re interested in visiting the Acton depot for one of their impressive guided tours head on over to this page of the London Transport Museum’s website.

According to London Transport’s website, aside from a wide range of vehicles, the depot is also home to nearly half a million transport related items including historic poster artwork, uniforms, signs, tickets, models, photographs and engineering schematics. Rightly so, the museum can boast that it contains one of the most comprehensive records of modern-day urban transport throughout the world.

Watch the video

In the video above, you’ll get more information about what the Acton depot contains together with some fabulous glimpses of what you can see on one of their guided tours.

Where exactly is it?


118-120 Gunnersbury Lane
Acton Town
W3 9BQ

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