Waste Recycling and Environmental Pollution

Admittedly, there has been some progress in more recent times but there is still a monumental mountain to climb. Fortunately for us, our younger generation are now far more aware of the problem than ever before so it’s important that we continue to educate them in ways that are easy for young minds to digest. With this in mind, Jimmy and Nellie are here to lend a helping hand with a series of fun and educational videos that your kids will love.

Visit the Website

There’s more information below, but if you’re eager to dive straight in and find out more about what Jimmy and Nellie have to say, you can visit the website now.

There are numerous talented artists who are responsible for the voices behind the animated characters and we’re sure you’ll recognize many of them. These include Jason Isaacs, Sarah Alexander, Sean Pertwee, Mark Strong and  Miranda Hart

Make teaching fun

Learning new things isn’t always fun, but it certainly can be if it’s done in the right way. Fortunately, help is at hand from Jimmy and Nellie and the Go Green Team. They’re here to teach our kids in a fun and interactive way the importance of environmental sustainability and how (and why) we need to be mindful of recycling our waste.

Their amazing new website provides the perfect opportunity for children to dive straight in and learn more about these important topics. With a plethora of animations to watch and a fun game to play, they can also learn about the other animated characters they’ll be watching alongside Jimmy and Nellie, who are both recycling trucks that work in the fictional seaside town of Port Sunbeam.

Who Else Lives In Port Sunbeam?


It’s not just Jimmy and Nellie that are here to help. Amongst others, there’s Neddy who deals with scrap metals, Barry and ‘Arry, the twin brother recycling machine duo, and Peter, the paper and card recycling truck. There are many other fun characters to meet too, so you’ll have to head over to the website to meet them all.

An Important Environmental Message

The Go Green website isn’t just a place of fun entertainment for children, it also delivers an important environmental message that young minds can easily digest. At the end of each episode, key elements of the story are retold to ensure that important issues are clearly imparted on the viewer. The entire website is about positive change with the underlying message that, no matter how small, the things we do can make a real difference in the long run.

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