Since we’re based in Battersea the area has a special affinity for us. After writing about the history of the iconic Power Station which dominates the Battersea skyline, we thought we’d let you know that Battersea Power Station’s Coaling Jetty is now open to the general public for the very first time in its illustrious history.

Summer Garden Party at the Battersea Coaling Jetty

Prior to Battersea Power Station being closed in 1983, the coal jetty was primarily used to load and unload the enormous amounts of coal that had to be burned to keep the station producing power. Since those days are now long gone, it’s great to hear that new life has been breathed into the Grade II listed jetty and it’s now brimming with music, entertainment and exotic goods for sale. The coal jetty will play host to the “Summer Garden Party” which includes:

  • DJ sets every Friday until 30th August
  • Garden Games & Crafts every Saturday until 24th August
  • Music from ‘Busk in London’ every Saturday & Sunday until 1st September
  • Jazz on The Jetty every Thursday until 29th August
  • Pilates every Saturday until 31st August
  • Yoga every Sunday until 1st September
  • Free (yes free!) massages every Saturday & Sunday until 25th August
  • English Wine Masterclasses on Saturday 24th & 31st August
  • Flower Masterclass on Saturday 31st August

To check availability, times and to see what else is on offer, make sure you visit Battersea Power Station’s official page about the Summer Garden Party for full details.

More about the coal jetty

Measuring around 110 metres in length, the Battersea Coaling Jetty was built between 1929 and 1932 and played a vital role in keeping the power station operational. Since its revamp, it’s now intended to be an extension of the riverwalk at Circus West Village and it opens up a “previously inaccessible area” that forms part of the important history of Battersea. Thanks to the hard work of BPSDC, Historic England and Wandsworth Council, it’s now being enjoyed by the general public and is a ‘must-visit’ if you live locally and are looking for ideas about where you can take the kids during the school summer holidays.

With today’s sprawling London skyline, it’s difficult to image that Battersea was once one of London’s main agricultural centres and was renowned for its fresh flowers, vegetables and herbs. To celebrate this, the Coaling Jetty now plays host to a beautiful riverside garden where you can take in the stunning views of the Power Station, the River Thames whilst filling your nostrils with the fresh scent of what’s in bloom – A far cry from the smog and coal dust of yesteryear!

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