Acton Market

Updated 01/10/20 – Due to current restrictions and rule changes, please make sure to check on Acton Market’s website or Facebook page prior to visiting.

In our spotlight today is Acton Market. Unlike many that have been established for decades, Acton Market as it is today is a relatively ‘new kid on the block’.

Opening Times

As of writing this, the market is open on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10am to 5pm. It’s located in Acton Town Centre, West London, nestled between Ealing and Shepherd’s Bush.


Acton Market
The Mount/King Street
Acton, W3 9NW
(Adjacent to Morrison’s supermarket)

How it started

Action Acton (now called Action West London) wanted to encourage new businesses into the local area to encourage more visitors to spend time in the Town Centre. More time spent usually means more money coming in, so with this in mind, an application was made to the LDA (London Development Agency) in 2005 for an Opportunities Fund grant in order to ensure that the market could take place every week.

The competition was fierce but the impressive application was successful and Action West London was granted access to a £700,000 pot over a 3 year period. The cash was earmarked for a range of supporting services including regeneration, start-ups and general all-round support for businesses that wanted to be part of the new scheme, including the new market. The total amount up for grabs was £50million and only 94 out of the original 766 applicants ended up sharing this amount, including Action West London.

Along with this, Ealing Council gave the pedestrianised area opposite Morrison’s in King Street/The Mount a facelift and the area was set aside for Acton Market.

What you’ll find

Our drivers’ daily trips delivering and collecting skips throughout Acton and removing Acton’s rubbish sometimes allow them to pay the market a quick visit and they can report that it’s now a vibrant, colourful place with a plethora of fascinating objects and fabulous food to purchase. The diverse culture in the area allows shoppers to try all kind of different tastes from around the world that may never even have been aware of before. There are of course too many different things to list here, so if you want to sample more of what Acton Market has to offer, you’ll need to head on down there and see for yourself!

We love supporting local businesses, including our recent post about the Aeronaut pub in Acton, and of course, all of the other London areas we cover. In that vein, we love to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit so, if you’re thinking of becoming a trader at the market, head on over to the official website and find out all you’ll need to know about how you can join this exciting and diverse place; they’ll also provide training to help you get started in your fledgling business, even if you’ve no previous trading experience.

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